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You are an NGO passionately working to make The world a healthier place.  Led by visionaries and a team that will do what it takes to get the work done.  You work diligently and purposefully to change the world.
Isn’t it time the world
knew about you?
it's time to tell your story.
to amplify what you do and to bring your vision for change to light.

who we are

We support leading NGOs to elevate their profiles and secure funding.
We believe in lifting the voices of all NGOs to in turn elevate the sector. We are a collective of brand and strategic communication experts with over 25 years of experience in building the world’s top brands.
Now we're helping ngos to tell their stories.
this is ours...

our story

We support NGOs that are leading the way with innovative and sustainable interventions in healthcare,  environmental conservation and education.

Why are we the right people to tell your story?

Mandi Fine
Scientific Communications Expert
“I believe in the power of good communication and storytelling to create magnifying change.”
Megan Nethercote
Insight Storyteller
“My vision is that we’ll see NGOs becoming some of world’s most valuable brands and hold key positions at tables of influence and power.”
Rizwana Bawa
“We all must make good to make better.”
we are guided by robust governance policies and led by a highly experienced advisory board from across the corporate and ngo sectors.

meet our advisory board.

Nonkululeko Pitjie
Chief Growth Officer: Discovery Employee Health Solutions
“Fine for Good’s superpower is the ability to take the complex, simplify it and make it impactful in a way that is powerful and changes the world and people’s lives. I feel blessed to be able to contribute and be aligned to this purpose-driven organisation.”
Fran Blumenthal
Philanthropist & Big Dreamer
“I have faith in the strength of the collective and so align myself with those who believe in the power of doing good. In Fine For Good, I have found such a community, and it is my honour to serve in their company.”
Carol Dyantyi
Programme Manager: Best Health Solutions
“The strengthening and empowerment of the NGO sector has become critical to be able to meet the demands of the most impoverished in our communities. If we do not collaborate, we will evaporate.”
Corene Breedt-Rammutla
Co-Founder of Circle Senior Living and the Ramson Cross Foundation
“I love being involved with Fine For Good, because I love companies that share my values and work ethic.”
Tjaart van Stryp
Financial Executive
“I believe in making a difference. With Fine For Good, my financial and operational experience will assist in making sustainable and sound decisions, which in turn will lead to making a difference in the community.”
Michael Sieff
“My true passion has always involved doing good and unearthing peoples’ potential, which is why I have connected with F/NE For Good.”



+ art

We know how to build trust and credibility, how to tell compelling and persuasive stories, and we understand the importance of connection and belonging both inside and outside of organisations.

how we work

Global benchmarking and best practice
Local insights and stakeholder conversations
Strategic story development
Identifying levers for growth to elevate brand profile and secure funding

our vision

Strengthen NGO voices so that the sector can be recognised as a credible source that is filling crucial gaps in society.
NGOs have the capacity to support national growth, but they do not have an effective voice. By improving their ability to tell their stories, build their profiles and collaborate, they could uplift the sector and increase their influence to attract both local and global funding. FFG aims to unlock the growth it has achieved with individual NGOs on a larger scale, through a combination of storytelling and technology.

Watch this space for updates...

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What our clients say about us

“I really feel like I’m working with people who’ve got my back and it’s more than just a job or a service. It’s actually a personal engagement where they believe in what we believe in.”

“Years of experience and knowledge, and I think the most important thing for us is their passion. They take on the project and are passionate about the cause.”

“They are the creative ones that inspire us to get out of our stuck state and move forward. Because we get stuck where we are and with what we are doing, and they inspire us with new ideas and creativity.”

“They’ve been an excellent conduit to connect us with the right people. And I think it's not even about loyalty. It’s about the fact that you know if you speak to them, there is a network behind them of service providers, and they will connect you with what they think is the most appropriate for your project, your cause or your needs.”